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Title: Wombstone

Author: Jessica Roscoe

Series: A Vampireland Novel

Genre:  Paranormal (Warning Mature Readers) (Authors Note)

Publisher: Indiana Ink Publishing

Release Date: Mar 1 2013

Edition/Formats it will be available in: Ebook and Print


Mia Blake wasn’t the first girl that was taken by the vampires. She had heard all about the girls who were missing, and even though they were only “missing”, she knew in her heart that those girls were dead. She felt sad for them, sure. But more than that, she felt glad that they had been strangers – not someone she knew, and certainly not her. Things like that didn’t happen to girls like her.

They always happened to someone else, and that’s why she barely blinked as she made her way across an empty football field, through a deserted parking lot, to meet a fate she had arrogantly assumed was reserved for other people.

She was a stupid girl.

She paid for it.


Wake up.

Those were the first words I ever heard.

I opened my eyes. Naked save for a bloodied white sheet, my tender skin covered in sticky red blood. My broken body somehow – impossibly – repairing itself.

I tried to turn my head to the side, to see where I was, and groaned in pain. Staying still felt better. I was sticky and bruised. My body was fighting hard to mend all the deep gashes and crushed bones. I lifted an arm and gently felt my eye where I had taken the impact of the unforgiving ground. It was excruciatingly painful to the touch – but it wasn’t shattered anymore. It was in one unbroken piece, as if my fall had been a terrible dream. The oddly comforting metallic taste in my mouth told me otherwise, though.

I reached out with my hands, touching stiff sheets. I was hot, but I was shivering, goosebumps lining my arms.

It was so hard to keep my eyes open, but I fought to stay awake. I wasn’t dead. I still had something left inside of me. I couldn’t give up yet.

A face appeared above me. Something warm and coppery touched my lips.


I did.

Time passed – how much, I have no idea – and I stayed in the same spot, and I slept off death.

My Review:

In the spirit of fairness I’ve received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Let me start by saying anyone who reads my reviews can see I’m blunt with my feedback, and that I avoid giving away spoilers. Most times if I can’t find anything nice to see I don’t review, period.

With that in mind….

The Bad:

I found myself wanting to skip the entire first three pages because it’s all backstory. It’s painfully obvious this didn’t go through an editor either. For one thing the author is way too fond of very long sentences, and repetitions. The descriptions are heavy handed. Paragraphs run into huge blocks of text. The dairy-esque beginning of chapters grew tedious and annoying. Chapter four was a repeat of chapter one’s opening. Mia struck me as a TSTL  character. Seriously there is a limit to mouthing off, especially to vampires.

The Good:

The first paragraph was a good opening hook.  If you can see past the things mentioned above, once the story gets going, it tries to keep your attention. Mia’s thoughts are quite accurate to the situations she finds herself  in.  The story has some humor sprinkled into it. Ryan is quite a character and I connected to him quickly. The author did a good job of making Caleb creepy. Hands down Ryan is the reason I finished the story. I wanted to see how his part of the story ended.




Author Information

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 4.24.47 PM

Jessica Roscoe is the author of Wombstone, a Young Adult paranormal novel. From a young age, she delighted in the written word and would often scare her poor parents with outlandish stories filled with the supernatural and macabre.

Jessica studied film and screenwriting at university before deciding that novels were her calling. The setting for Wombstone was inspired by a six-month stint in the U.S. where she worked as a lifeguard at a summer camp in Mt Freedom, New Jersey. She is currently working on the next book in the Vampireland series. Her other loves in life include good quality tea, delicious wine, reading and hanging out with her husband and baby girl.

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  2. verylost34 says:

    This is a very fair post (trust me I know about very stuff I’m verylost after all :P) all things considered you have an ARC in the story and it shows by the review never touching the ARC. Overall the Editing may have to deal with her struggle to choose between wanting to publish into paperback and editing. This seems like a nice and dark vampire romance but ultimately falls flat due to the side characters being more interesting which will always happen, because they aren’t as fleshed out so the human mind wants to know more about them rather than the fleshed out main characters.

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