First and foremost I’d like to announce that my second foray into NanoWriMo was successful. I have a completed rough draft of my novel sitting aside, waiting to be revised and edited. Yay!

Want to see my pretty badge?

Okay, now down to business. Today’s writing tip is:

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Even if you don’t think you’ll like them.

It takes guts to put your writing out there for others to critique. It takes guts to delve into new areas of writing. Especially the ones you’re not sure you’ll like. Try it at least once. You’ll be surprised how invigorating it is to break free of your safety zones.

Last year was my first NanoWriMo, and I was a nervous wreck. I turned off my spell check, and grammar check and wrote until the story was finished. I finished at over 84K words, with no structure besides beginning and end. It’s gathering digital dust on my hard drive, lol. Some day I’ll pull it out and see whether or not it’s even salvageable.

The point is, it was my first attempt. It’s full of plot holes, and endless rambling, with little to no character growth, but I did it. I not only passed the 50K mark, but I completed the story. Doesn’t matter if it never sees publication, it’s still holds a special place in my heart. I take pride in knowing I accomplished both of my goals for last year.

If I had given in to my fears and not tried, who knows where my writing career would be now?

I wouldn’t have had a  radio show interview, that aired world wide, because I wouldn’t have researched Marketing Information, which is how I found the group.

I wouldn’t have 1,729 Twitter followers, because I’d probably have never gotten the hang of Twitter.

I wouldn’t have this blog.

I could go on and on, lol. Suffice it to say I’d have missed out on a lot of grand opportunities, and meeting so many wonderful people.

You must overcome your fears in order to reach for your dreams. You must reach for your dreams in order for those dreams to become reality.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new forms of writing, or with new genres. You never know when the next big idea will strike. Embrace your uniqueness, and set your passion free. Write that novel, even if it never sees publication.  Take pride in all of your accomplishments. Especially the small ones. Each small step, leads to a larger victory.

Don’t hold yourself back for fear of failure.  The only true failure is in not trying.

For the first time ever over half of my Nano buddies list are sporting shiny purple winner bars. Several more are within spitting distance, and 3 have reached and surpassed the 50K mark, but haven’t validated.

It warms my heart to see so many of my contacts have won this year. I know we will do even better next year. I wish every other month could be a NanoWriMo, because it brings the writing community together like nothing else can.

For those who didn’t win. Give yourselves a big pat on the back. The important thing is you tried, and not many do. Don’t get bummed. Use this year’s experience, to better plan for next year. You’ll do better next time! Celebrate the fact you’ve started a book and hat is a huge step. You’re still winners in my book.

What are your thoughts about Nano? Have any Nano experiences you would like to share with us? Feel free to do so. I love hearing about other writer’s experiences.


About kittyb78

Catrina Barton is a licensed Kung-Fu Instructor of the Black Dragon style, and draws on that experience to make her fight scenes both realistic and action packed. She enjoys being surrounded by the stark beauty of mother nature. Whether it's a moon-lit starry sky, or a picnic by a peaceful waterfall cascading from the mountain side. Growing up no matter where she was physically, she always had at least one book in her hands and spent every free moment lost in a book. It's only natural that as she grew up, her passion for reading grew into an even stronger passion for writing, especially Young Adult Paranormal Romances. She is a proud member of many writing and marketing groups, and an active participant at Critique Circle and several other crit groups. Favorite personal quote: "An author cannot grow without both constructive criticism and encouragement."

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  1. Emma says:

    Congrats on making it through NanoWriMo.

  2. What an inspirational post! Congratulations, I completed my NaNo novel on Monday with 50,055 words, hooray! It’s a good job I did, because my internet server crashed on Tuesday and is still being repaired. I’m going mad without my social networking, there’s only so much I can do on a Blackberry! Anyway, great post thanks, here’s to our future successes…

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