Hello readers! We’re joined by a very special guest today.  Judi Phillips is with us here today, and will discuss her newest release:

So please give her a warm welcome, and enjoy the post. Feel free to jump in with questions and comments.

Hello Judy, beautiful cover art. Welcome to Kitty’s Inner Thoughts. Thanks for joining us today.

Hi, Kitty.

Thanks for inviting me to visit with you.

My latest book, Two Moons Rising, was due to release on October 26, but came out a couple of weeks early.  Life in the form of a new job and extensive training intervened, and I’ve been very remiss about getting the word out.  So I’m delighted to be here.

What inspired this story?

Actually, the idea for the story came from a call for submission from another publisher.  They were looking for short science fiction stories along the lines of a space opera.  I love to read scifi but haven’t attempted writing one–don’t really count my time travel stories because they’re more historical than scifi.  Anyway, I interrupted the book I was working on and started writing Two Moons Rising.  It turned out to be longer than the call for submission, so I sent it off to one of my publishers and they wanted it.

Tell us a little about your book.

In a nutshell:  A female Secret Service Agent travels through space and time to fulfill an ancient legend.  An exiled prince, while overcoming mistakes of the past, is fighting to free his people.  Together, can they save his world?

Tell us a little about your main characters.

Zoe Wilkinson is one of the top secret service agents in the country, assigned to guard the First Lady.  On a brief vacation on Bermuda, she finds a large moonstone globe and, while holding it up to look at it, is transported through time and space to the planet of Lunalayah.  She knows the dangers involved in becoming emotionally involved with someone she is protecting and has vowed never to let that happen.

Prince Tarique cel Sahar yon Kebali and his followers have gone into voluntary exile on an island on Lunalayah. The A’dacians are attempting to coerce Tarique’s people into a contract to mine trianthious crystals.  Tarique is fighting to thwart this plan.  The reason for exile was because of his father’s dalliances, and Tarique has pledged he will not follow in his father’s footsteps.

Despite landing in the middle of this conflict, can Zoe overcome a wary heart to convince Tarique he is more than his father’s son.

Is it part of a series or a stand alone?

This is a stand-alone novella.  Although, I have a series rolling around in my brain and the planet, Lunalayah, might show up again.  You just never know . . .

Author Bio:

Judi Phillips has had stories in her head as far back as she can remember. However, being lazy (her friends like to point out that she’s efficient), and being a legal assistant, she knew she could never complete a manuscript if she had to write it on a typewriter. Then, along came word processors, and those magic cut and paste and delete icons. There was no stopping her after that. Within a few weeks of her first job with a computer, she started her first story, a house-beautiful, vogue thing about lawyers. Needless to say, it will never be published — but she honed her description skills on that project, so nothing is ever wasted.

Judi lives in Maine in the foothills of the White Mountains with her two Yorkies, Sassie and Mishka and a MinPin, Gizmo.  Despite their small size, they rule the house.

One accomplishment she’s most proud of is winning first place in the 2010 Bean Pot contest in the Paranormal category.

Judi can be found on the web at www.judiphillips.com

or you can find her spicy side at www.peppergoodrich.com

Do you have an excerpt you’d like to share with us?

This is when Tarique first sees Zoe:

Tarique strolled to the waterline where the wavelets rippled to a stop. He stared across the sea, calm today, only low swells marring the surface. He wished his life could be as serene. Although he enjoyed the sanctuary of the secluded beach, he wanted nothing to do with going in the water. He’d learned the hard way he couldn’t swim.

He turned to retrace his climb up the cliff-face when he heard what sounded like a whirlwind behind him. Twisting around, he saw a shadow of what could’ve been a water spout, and then spotted a woman emerging from the sea. She wore glass protection  over her eyes with a short tube attached to one side.

Most striking, though, was her hair. No one in Lunalayah had straight hair like hers, falling in a smooth curtain that brushed her shoulders. And it was white. Only the elders had hair that color. She had to be about his age. He could tell by her firm, youthful body scantily clad in fabric barely covering her chest and groin. And her skin was nearly as white as her hair. In spite of her unusual appearance, she looked vaguely familiar.

In addition to her unusual face gear, she wore extremely odd shoes. Like a duck with giant webbed feet. He tried to look at her peculiar equipment and not stare at her generous breasts. He wasn’t his father. But the lush handfuls, nearly spilling over the top of the skimpy covering, didn’t provide many other alternatives. Her flat stomach, trim waist, and long legs provided no respite for his wandering gaze. It wasn’t as though he’d never seen a nearly naked woman before, but her unexpected appearance on his beach had his loins stirring.

Where can we find this great book?

You can buy Two Moons Rising at:

Whispers Publishing

Amazon Kindle

All Romance eBooks

Where can we reach you and learn about your future releases?

You can find me on-line here:

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/judi.phillips.50

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/judiphil

Blogger:  http://sugarspice-judi.blogspot.com/

Thanks so much for joining us today Judi. It’s been a pleasure. 🙂


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  1. J.A. Garland says:

    Your book sounds really great! I can totally relate to the new job and training thing, so I’m glad to hear you’ve made the time to tell us about your book.

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