Last week, we touched on Blog Interviews. What to expect, required links and info to have on hand, ect. This week we’ll do a follow up to that.

How  do you approach someone, asking to be interviewed on their blog?


First follow them on Twitter a while, and follow their blog  to learn how they do things, and what kinds of stories they are interested in. Send them an email explaining you have a book you think they’d be interested in, and would like to be interviewed, if they are taking requests at the time. Thank them for their time, and wait for a  response.

Side note: Most bloggers are happy to interview authors. Most authors are happy to receive interview requests. So, don’t be shy. Be patient. Make sure you contact people who are interested in your genres, ect. Some bloggers will be willing to do a review of your book if you send them a free PDF. Some authors like to offer a free PDF as a prize for a contest after their interview. It garners more reader interaction, usually gains your blog more comments, and is a win-win for both author and blogger.

P.S. I know this is uber short, and quick. Sorry I have a long, busy week ahead, modding and attending the conference. Ay questions, feel free to ask and i’ll answer them next week’s post, if not sooner. 🙂


About kittyb78

Catrina Barton is a licensed Kung-Fu Instructor of the Black Dragon style, and draws on that experience to make her fight scenes both realistic and action packed. She enjoys being surrounded by the stark beauty of mother nature. Whether it's a moon-lit starry sky, or a picnic by a peaceful waterfall cascading from the mountain side. Growing up no matter where she was physically, she always had at least one book in her hands and spent every free moment lost in a book. It's only natural that as she grew up, her passion for reading grew into an even stronger passion for writing, especially Young Adult Paranormal Romances. She is a proud member of many writing and marketing groups, and an active participant at Critique Circle and several other crit groups. Favorite personal quote: "An author cannot grow without both constructive criticism and encouragement."

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