One of the best things about being part of the writing community, is meeting all the fabulous people in the community.

IMHO that is the best part! I’ve met so many wonderful, talented ladies and gentlemen in our community. All of which are incredibly talented. Some are editors, some agents, some publishers, all are writers.

The writing community is so vast, I doubt the world will ever be left in need of talented writers. Even if books ended up banned, they would continue to flourish because of the sheer number of talented individuals that are already out here and the endless aspiring writers waiting to get published.

Thank you everyone, for welcoming me so warmly into the fold and for recognizing my ability to contribute to our wonderful community. Between the critiquers at CC and my other crit groups, the writing circles I’ve joined, and the MFRW, I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people.

I’ve had a few “Wow is this really happening?” and “OMG so and so is talking to me!” moments. After I’m over the initial shock and awe, it feels incredible to know I’m surrounded by so many great and talented individuals.

To all of you aspiring writers out there, never give up. The road ahead is tough and full of unexpected potholes, but it is well worth the frustrations and obstacles that still lay ahead. Celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how small and it will help you endure the more difficult times.

Have you met any incredibly generous and informative people on your journey thus far? Share some of your experiences with us.


About kittyb78

Catrina Barton is a licensed Kung-Fu Instructor of the Black Dragon style, and draws on that experience to make her fight scenes both realistic and action packed. She enjoys being surrounded by the stark beauty of mother nature. Whether it's a moon-lit starry sky, or a picnic by a peaceful waterfall cascading from the mountain side. Growing up no matter where she was physically, she always had at least one book in her hands and spent every free moment lost in a book. It's only natural that as she grew up, her passion for reading grew into an even stronger passion for writing, especially Young Adult Paranormal Romances. She is a proud member of many writing and marketing groups, and an active participant at Critique Circle and several other crit groups. Favorite personal quote: "An author cannot grow without both constructive criticism and encouragement."

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  1. Matilda says:

    This actually has nothing to do with the post and more to do with your book excerpt; according to Smashwords, it doesn’t exist anymore. When did that happen?

  2. Emma says:

    The indie writing community has been so friendly. I’ve “met” so many of them on Twitter, Facebook and blogs, and they’re all really supportive of one another.

  3. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me.


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