As is usual, having talked to my Marine friend and seeing for myself he’s unharmed, I’ve had a creative burst flow through me.

In fact, I’ve managed to rough draft two complete chapters within the last twenty four hours and my muse is hard at work on ideas for the next one.

Talking to him eases my fears first and foremost, but it always makes me smile. As we talk ideas percolate in my mind and after while some of them birth a plot bunny or two.

Words fail to explain why, but when he and I talk, things just seem smoother, during and after our conversations. Maybes it’s because he reminds me {without trying to} that things aren’t as bad as they seem, compared to what he and others are going through right now.

I’ve never been a  soldier, but I’ve been around them. They work hard in dire conditions without complaining and that reminds me I shouldn’t take what I do have for granted. Knowing what he’s been through and what he continues to face daily, humbles me and puts a lot of things into perspective for me.

So yeah, progress has been made and continues to be made. I little talk with a good friend goes a long way to subduing my muse’s stubborn streak.

How do you subdue your stubborn muse? Do you coax her into helping you? Do you rant about her being uncooperative and threaten her? Do you wait until she’s done being a pain? {which by the way could take forever}. What are some of your secrets or tricks for making your muse behave?


About kittyb78

Catrina Barton is a licensed Kung-Fu Instructor of the Black Dragon style, and draws on that experience to make her fight scenes both realistic and action packed. She enjoys being surrounded by the stark beauty of mother nature. Whether it's a moon-lit starry sky, or a picnic by a peaceful waterfall cascading from the mountain side. Growing up no matter where she was physically, she always had at least one book in her hands and spent every free moment lost in a book. It's only natural that as she grew up, her passion for reading grew into an even stronger passion for writing, especially Young Adult Paranormal Romances. She is a proud member of many writing and marketing groups, and an active participant at Critique Circle and several other crit groups. Favorite personal quote: "An author cannot grow without both constructive criticism and encouragement."

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