How far should big companies and “big brother” be allowed to reach into the little peoples’ lives?

This past weekend one of my writing groups appears to have come under attack.

Adele Dubois, received a Cease and Desist order for using her real name. Apparently Sony represents some singer named Adele. I’ve never heard of this singer or any of her songs. I’m sure she’s a nice lady and wish her the best.

But, it’s wrong to threaten a person’s livelihood for using her real name. Just like it’s wrong for google and facebook to require your Social Security Number to verify who you are. Big brother already has that info, the internet companies shouldn’t be allowed to require that for verification.  Three weeks ago I lost my blogger, google, google+ and youtube accounts, because I refuse to give them my SSN. Ridiculous, but there you have it.

Part of Sony’s complaint includes a URL to Marianne Stephens’ book, which has nothing to do with Adele. Marianne owns the copyrights to her book.. So what exactly is the problem?

Now, yet another member of our group has received a C&D for her book title. You can read their articles here, here. and here.

Plus according to the copyrights laws themselves here you cannot copyright names, slogans, titles, or short phrases.

Here is Diana Reese’s article about it on the Washington Post blog.

How far should we let big businesses reach into our personal lives? Are we just going to let them stomp all over our Constitutional rights? Wake up America! If we let them get away with this now, what’s next?  Who will be the next target? What about our fellow Authors? How many of them are next?

Watch out anyone who has a first or last name that might be trademarked by a big company! Who knows what will happen next…

How far will you allow them reach into your lives?

*Edited 05-17-2012*

According to the  email Adele Dubois  sent the RBRU group this morning the matter has been closed. Sony and google withdrew their complaint and reinstated her blog post. Thanks for everyone’s outpouring of support! It made a huge difference.

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Catrina Barton is a licensed Kung-Fu Instructor of the Black Dragon style, and draws on that experience to make her fight scenes both realistic and action packed. She enjoys being surrounded by the stark beauty of mother nature. Whether it's a moon-lit starry sky, or a picnic by a peaceful waterfall cascading from the mountain side. Growing up no matter where she was physically, she always had at least one book in her hands and spent every free moment lost in a book. It's only natural that as she grew up, her passion for reading grew into an even stronger passion for writing, especially Young Adult Paranormal Romances. She is a proud member of many writing and marketing groups, and an active participant at Critique Circle and several other crit groups. Favorite personal quote: "An author cannot grow without both constructive criticism and encouragement."

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  1. Scott says:

    Personally I think people should pay heed to Orwell’s story: 1984

  2. Byron says:

    I have always hated Sony. I refuse to buy their products. I purchased a Sony Blu-Ray player last year and on the outside of the box it said “plays .avi files, .mp4 files, and .mkv files”. After hooking it up I realized it did not play those types of files. I read the manual and in small print on the file format page at the very bottom it said “Canada models only”. Needless to say I quickly returned it. False advertising on the outside of the box and they get away with it. I agree people need to wake up.

    • kittyb78 says:

      Nice name. I had a friend by that name when I was little. We lost touch after I moved. Anyways, back on track, yes people do need to wake up. I’m glad Adele Dubios got her situation cleared up. I agree with her that the writers and the Washington Post article had something to do with Sony and Google withdrawing their complaint and reinstating her blog.

  3. How far? {edited 05-17-2012} kittyb78 I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You’re wonderful! Thanks! your article about How far? {edited 05-17-2012} kittyb78Best Regards Agata

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